Friday, November 20, 2009

Press Release: Ring of Fire by Noelle M. Kalipetis


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Ring of Fire by Noelle M. Kalipetis

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Noelle Kalipetis’s novel, Ring of Fire (, $16 print/$7 download), follows the trials of Lana Williams, a young girl whose dismal life is set aflame with the discovery of her own fantastic powers. From smoky visions in mirrors to fighting back against the school bully, Lana’s magical abilities seem unreal, a dream come true.

But then truths start creeping out of the shadows: Lana and her new friend Mike are not the only ones with these intriguing talents. The Light Ones, human beings who also possess supernatural powers, want to use Lana to battle the Dark Ones, a race similar to humans with one glaring exception: they need to drink blood, anyone’s blood, but most especially the blood of a Light One. Neither side is what it appears to be, though; unwilling to be used in some sinister ploy, Lana gives up her powers and returns to obscurity.

The flames of the past, however, will not let her walk away so easily. After ten years, Lana’s shut-in life is ripped wide open, throwing her back into the conflict that has raged for more than two millennia. Aided by Lunetta, the quirky yet noble ancestor with a penchant for Bon Jovi tunes and matchmaking, Lana finds love in unexpected places and comes closer to achieving a destiny sewn into her bloodline since the time of Pompeii. But the questions remains: will she survive?


“I read this novel in about a day on spring break because I just could not put it down. The author truly creates a captivating and exciting world full lovable and intriguing characters. The plot is enticing and keeps you guessing[;] it develops so that the outcomes are surprising but not ridiculous. Bringing my two favorite genres together, magic and vampires, Kalipetis grabbed my attention and held it.”

--“pellegrinis” on

“Pick up this book! Kalipetis creates a world unlike anything I've ever read. It combines the mystery of ancient magic and the tempting lust amongst vampires which works so well together. I thought I would have gotten confused by the two different worlds, but it was perfect…I just kept turning page after page because I was desperate to know what happened. I have already re-read it & can't wait for the series to be complete.”

--“Valerie Saggau” on

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